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130 years of history and thousands of people touched by it. What makes the Station Hotel so special is not how many celebrities had visited it, but that it has been a part of life for many people in Perth and the area. Just ask anyone in Perth and the chances are they had visited the hotel in its glory days. Many had their weddings here, attended dances or various other events. Others just remember the great restaurant or the fantastic bar. Many more used to work here or perhaps their parents used to work here. All remember it fondly. If you are one of those people and would like to share your memories we would love to hear from you! Please email us on info@perthstationhotel.co.uk.

The beginnings

The Station Hotel was designed by Andrew Heiton, built in 1888 and opened for business in August 1890 operating as the hotel for Perth station.

General view of the hotel from Leonard Street, 1891

On 1 January 1948, the British Transport Commission took over several dozen hotels from the private railway companies and re-branded them as British Transport Hotels (BTH). They also inherited the companies' on-railway catering interest i.e: station refreshment rooms and restaurant/buffet services on trains. While many railway hotels were next to major stations facilitating onward travel, others such as Gleneagles andMoretonhampstead were destinations in their own right, part of a railway company strategy to induce demand for its services.

British Transport Hotels operated from 1953 to 1983 when the 1980's Conservative government took the decision to privatise the non-core businesses of British Rail (engineering, hotels, property and shipping). British Transport Hotels was sold off piecemeal between 1981 and 1983.

The Queen and the glory days:


Queen Victoria's Table
Station Hotel Perth

Interior view of Dining Room
Station Hotel, Perth

Interior view of a Dressing Room, Station Hotel, Perth

Perth Railway Station:

The hotel is located just outside the Perth Railway station. It is still a great stopping place when travelling north... or south. The train journey is beautiful and far more comfortable than by car. The views from the train windows are spectacular. But of course more people travel nowadays by car.
This is just a snapshot of how the Perth Railway Station looked like in Victorian days. We promise you, it's much more peaceful now!

George Earl, 'Coming South, Perth Station', 1895

The painting shows upper class passengers and their servants pictured with all of their hunting and sporting equipment. They carry their skins, fish, grouse, blackcock and even antlers. In the 19th century this journey would have taken Earl's travellers around 12 hours, leaving Perth at 1550 on the overnight sleeper train and arriving in to Kings Cross at 0350; the current journey is much faster at just over 6 hours during the day or 8 hours overnight.

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